The T’ai Chi and Internal Arts Institute

The T’ai Chi and Internal Arts Institute is dedicated to bringing the best teachers, masters, and Grandmasters to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in order to share their expertise in the Internal Arts of T’ai Chi, Bagua, Xingyi, Liangyiquan, Qigong, and more.

The Institute offers a range of workshops throughout the year including one-day, weekend, and extended sessions.   Typically one weekend or extended session is offered in the Spring and another in the Fall with a few one-day or special events spread throughout the year.


Past and potential future teachers and Grandmasters include:

  • Grandmaster Helen Wu
  • Grandmaster Nick Gracenin
  • Grandmaster Liang Shou Yu

  • Master Yang Yang
  • Master Helen Liang
  • Dr Yang Jwing-Ming
  • And more

As the Internal Martial Arts have become part of mainstream Western culture, it is even more important to make sure that people have access to quality, authentic instruction.   Our goal is to help maintain authentic practices by providing students with the opportunities to learn under the very best living teachers in an affordable and accessible way. 

Upcoming Sessions:

  • October 2016: One Day Workshop with Grandmaster Nick Gracenin
  • April 2017: Weekend Qigong and T’ai Chi Fan Seminars with Grandmaster Helen Wu
  • October 2017: Weekend Qigong and T’ai Chi Seminars with Grandmaster Liang Shou Yu and/or Master Helen Liang